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Breast Health

Step by Step: We Take Your Care Personally

Breast health is every woman’s concern. And today, it’s a comfort to know that there are more ways than ever to diagnose and treat breast abnormalities. Humboldt Park Health cares for you with a uniquely tailored approach to breast cancer, designed to diagnose, manage, treat and heal.

We offer the highest quality patient care, including…

  • Helping you and your family understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Breast Cancer and Nurse navigators to help you through the process efficiently and to keep you informed
  • A multi-disciplinary team approach to your care, with specialists from breast surgery, radiology, oncology, and your primary care physician

Breast imaging services Early diagnosis is key to treating breast cancer, which is why Humboldt Park Health Mammography Department offers a variety of breast imaging services designed to detect cancer and provide a clear picture of your specific needs. Our department is staffed with bilingual technologists who provide excellent patient care and thorough explanation of the exam.

During our diagnostic mammogram exams patients are often taken to ultrasound immediately after and do not have to wait to schedule an appointment. The hospital is also equipped to provide ultrasound and mammogram guided biopsies and excisional biopsies through our surgical Department. Humboldt Park Health breast imaging services are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

We also take great pride in treating the whole patient—your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We’ll offer you support and education throughout your treatment, and we encourage you to ask questions. Our staff specializes in breast care and we’re here to help. We involve patients and their families in the entire treatment plan, offering personal care and individualized treatment.

Patient Resources – The nurse navigators at Humboldt Park Health will advocate for you and serve as a medical knowledgeable friend who is committed to helping you through your cancer journey.

One great resource is ALAS-WINGS. ALAS-WINGS is dedicated to empowering Hispanic women about breast cancer awareness through education and support for all women faced with breast cancer diagnosis. The mobile salon is a special program designed for women with cancer to improve their self-esteem and physical appearance. The salon includes a donation of bras, prosthesis and wigs and provides free manicures to participants. Open to any woman living with cancer.

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