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HPH Family Medicine Residency


Beyond the core requirements for Family Medicine set forth by the ACGME, the curriculum is organized in a unique layering of experiences that provides the learners with timely exposure and reinforcement of medical subspecialties as their continuity clinic responsibilities evolve. Additionally, residents are given scheduled time to undertake quality improvement projects, engage in community outreach, and develop practice management skills in a longitudinal fashion through the TEAM Care rotations. Finally, a midyear session known as “Interlude” creates opportunities to learn new procedure skills, explore the humanities, and take time for self-care and wellness. ​ The grid below details the rotation requirements for Family Medicine Residents: (13-4 week blocks)

One to two half-days of continuity of care clinic in the PGY-1 year
Two to three half-days of continuity of care clinic in the PGY-2 year
​Three to four half-days of continuity of care clinic in the PGY-3 year

Application Requirements

Must be a graduate of an accredited medical school. USMLE Scores: passing scores on Step 1, Step 2 CK, and CS Foreign applicants must be ECFMG certified. You must be a permanent resident or US citizen. ​Our hospital does not sponsor visas. Application: All applications must be submitted via ERAS Our Program Number is: 1201600705

Salary and Benefits

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Life/Accident/Disability Insurance Malpractice Insurance Free parking Free meals in physician dining room 2 lab coats for PGY-1 year 1 additional lab coat PGY-2 & PGY-3 Hospital subscription to Up-to- Date 24 hour access to Medical Library


Medical Residents

Rashmi Prakash, MD, Chief Resident

Hi Everyone! My name is Rashmi. I was born in India and raised in England, New Jersey, and Florida. I went to the University of South Florida for undergrad and American University of Antigua for medical school. I spent the last couple of years in New York doing my rotations and research. I am interested in behavioral health, specifically developmental disorders, as well as preventative medicine and women’s health. I developed an interest for global health and under-served populations while on a medical mission trip to rural Uganda. Outside of medicine, I love travelling, writing, photography, and cooking. In my spare time you will find me exploring the city, trying out new recipes, and finding new dessert spots! I chose this program because of my desire to work with under-served populations in a community-based setting. I am proud to live and work in a community that is both culturally rich and ethnically diverse. I look forward to exploring all that Chicago has to offer in the years to come!

Daniel Gondi, MD

My hobbies away from medicine include watching and playing sports, trying different types of cuisine, traveling, and spending time with my wife/family/friends, and dog. My medical interests include sports medicine, HIV/STD prevention, and preventive medicine. I was drawn to Chicago and this program because of its dedication to serving all patients regardless of their financial status, the opportunity to serve a diverse community, and of course all the amazing food in this city. Fun fact about me: My wife and I hiked the Cinque Terre trail along the Mediterranean coast in Italy which is 7.5 miles long. The views were gorgeous, but the biggest highlight was that I ate gelato in all 5 towns on the same day.

Alex Htun, MD

Hi everyone, I’m Alex. I grew up just outside Chicago, in Naperville. Before coming back to Chicago, I did my medical training at St. George’s University in Grenada. During and after my training, I want to focus on community health. Norwegian American Hospital is one of the cornerstones to the Humboldt Park community. I love Chicago and I am an avid Chicago sports fan (Bears, Bulls and Cubs)! There is never a dull moment in Chicago. I’m excited to build strong relationships with the current Norwegian family as well as with future members.

Samiraly Moosa, MD

Hey everyone, my name is Sam! I was born and raised in Canada(Eh!), I pursued my undergrad at McMaster University where I acquired a Bio-Psych Bachelors of Science. I later on relocated to Houston, TX. I completed my Medical Degree at St. George’s University. I’m really interested in Preventive Healthcare and Patient Education. I thoroughly enjoy Acting as a Hobby and I capitalize on chances to take classes from time to time! In my spare time I enjoy making Medical Education videos geared towards patient education! I find it’s fulfilling because it allows me to channel all of my passions of Medicine, Acting and Preventive Healthcare! I find Chicago to be so unique because it offers a little bit of the best of everything - from beaches in the Summer time, to beautiful Winter and Christmas displays, from incredible restaurants to amazing food festivals! Norwegian American Hospital is a special place because it allows us to help and provide care for our brothers and sisters that need it most, and that too, at the highest standard of care. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!

Justin Park, MD

Hi everyone! I'm Justin. I was born in South Korea, grew up in Toronto, and spent most of my life living in Chicago before attending Emory University for undergrad where I was a member of the Emory Scholars Program and the men's swim team prior to attending medical school. My hobbies include cooking Asian cuisine, bouldering, and Netflix. I come from a family of renown Korean chefs so it was an all new experience for me and my family as I entered a career in medicine. My medical interests include outpatient medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Obstetrics. I chose Chicago and Norwegian American Hospital because its near home and the opportunity to be a healthcare provider in an under-served community hit home for me.

Alkeem Savage, MD

Hey, I’m Alkeem! I’m a big city boy - I was born in New York but moved to sunnier pastures in Miami. I'm a graduate of St. George’s University School of Medicine. Prior to entering medical school, I was a biology teacher at Fordham High School for the Arts in New York. I believe in increasing access to care in under-served communities, targeting high-risk populations and implementing preventive measures. I believe in a holistic approach to medicine by treating the patient not the diagnosis. I am completing residency at PCC, as part of the Norwegian American Hospital Family Medicine Residency program.

Wien Chan, MD

Hi Everyone! My name is Wien, I was born in Valledupar, Colombia, then I moved to Puerto Rico for 6 years before finally relocating in New York. I went to St. John's University in Queens, NY for my undergrad. After graduation, I was an EMT in NY for three years before I eventually went to medical school in American University of Antigua. In my free time, I like to be active, whether it be going to the gym, exploring new places, or just learning new things. Fun fact about me, I was a music major in JHS and HS, and played at Carnegie Hall twice in my life. I choose Family medicine because it is versatile and it trains you to be a jack of all trades. The reason why I picked this program is because it is unopposed and because it serves the population of people that I wish to cater my practice to in the future. Growing up as an immigrant, gave me a good sense of how important having access to medical care is and I want to be part of a community that would allow me to maximize on giving back. I can’t wait to take advantage of everything that Chicago has to offer.​ Another fun fact...I was Times Magazine Person of the Year in 2006.

Emily Danies, MD

Hi everyone, I'm Emily! I was born and raised in Colombia and did medical school at the Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia. I came to the US and did research at Columbia University and NYU. After my husband matched at UIC, we moved to Chicago. Later we had a son with whom we love to be around. I really enjoy being part of the Norwegian Family Medicine Program because I can work with underserved and Hispanic populations. In my free time I like to be with my family and friends, play volleyball and sing while playing the guitar. In the future I would like to do alternative medicine especially Functional Medicine.

Amandeep Gujral, MD

Hello! I’m Amandeep Gujral. I was born in India but grew up in North Carolina. For undergrad I attended East Carolina University where I received a bachelor’s of science in biology and a bachelor’s of arts in chemistry. Then I attended St. George’s University of Medicine in Grenada. In my free time I am an avid sports fan, love watching movies or just playing video games at home. I also enjoy anything Sci-Fi TV like Doctor Who or anything related to Marvel. As a student I rotated through Norwegian American Hospital and enjoyed the city, and people and the food which was a major factor in coming back to do my residency here.

Davey Ho-Sang, MD

Hey everyone, I’m Davey, I was born and raised in Spanish Town Jamaica. I then moved to Grenada where I would go on to complete Medical School and later on my Masters degree in Public Health at St. George’s University. As far as interests go, I’m usually catching up on sports and everything related to Miami Heat Basketball. When I’m not catching up on sports, you can find me at home listening to the tunes of dancehall and reggae or taking advantage of Chicago’s best places to eat

Robert Jupiter, MD

Hey I’m Robert! I was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean blood in me is what drew me to St. George’s University Grenada where I did my Bsc Med Sci. I ended up loving it so much there that I stayed for the MD. I’m an adventurer who loves seeking out nice beaches. I enjoy running, biking, swimming, hiking traveling and trying new restaurants. Listening to soca music and instrumentals are my genres of choice. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Kim Thanh Nguyen, MD

I'm originally from Saigon, Vietnam, though I spent most of my life growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC. I went to American University in DC, majoring in biology and minoring in international development. Besides being interested in a career in medicine, I am passionate about all things international, i.e., languages, culture, history, and sociopolitics. I received my MD from la Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico. I have a soft spot for international medicine and eventually plan to be involved with international bodies like Doctors without Borders, Red Cross, World Health Organization (WHO). Otherwise, I am open-minded and contemplates involvement with military medicine, academia and minority & LGBT health. Non-academic interests include being a Yelp foodie, exercise/fitness and traveling. I am fluent in English, Vietnamese, Spanish and striving to learn a fourth and possibly more languages. Choosing to come to NAH, was an alignment of ideals and beliefs, i.e., embracing our differences as Americans with unique backgrounds - hailing from different communities, yet sharing a common space and working for a common future that benefits all of us, especially support to the most needy and under-served.

Indre Aleksaite, MD

Hi everyone! I'm Indre. I was born in Lithuania and was raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I went to Loyola University Chicago for my undergrad and then to St. George's University for medical school in the Caribbean island of Grenada. In my free time, I love to travel, spend time outdoors in nature, and try new restaurants. I'm really excited to be back home in Chicago for residency!

Joshimar Henry, MD

Hello! I'm Joshimar (pronounced Jo-cee-mar), it’s a true tongue twister. I was born and raised on the island of St. Lucia, in the Caribbean. I completed my undergrad at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago and completed medical school in my home island, St. Lucia. I’ve lived in a few cities around the U.S but Chicago is the first ‘big city’ feel for me. I am thrilled to be here and have enjoyed a few restaurants around the city. There is a great presence of community here in Humboldt Park which reminds me of home, and I love it. On my off days, you would likely find me at the gym, jamming on my piano, but more often cheering on my favorite English soccer team, Arsenal. Looking forward to working with and learning from you all!

Olha Huzo, MD

Hi everyone! My name is Olha. I was born in Ukraine and raised in Toronto, Canada! I completed my science degree at McMaster University and medical school in St. Vincent. I love to learn about and experience different cultures, which is why Chicago was the place for me. In my spare time and when I am not out and about in the city, I enjoy cooking, gardening, rowing and walking my two french bulldogs. I am passionate about women’s health and global health issues. I look forward to joining the NAH family and contributing to the community.

Jared Kealy, MD

Hey there, my name is Jared Kealy and I grew up in Dallas, Texas and throughout various countries in Europe. I attended medical school at St. George's University and completed rotations here, at Norwegian American Hospital! Living overseas made me appreciate different cultures and ultimately, formed my passion towards caring for underserved communities, particularly in preventative and sports medicine. Outside of medicine, you'll find me playing and watching sports, working out, anything technology, and spending time with family. I'm excited to join the team at Norwegian and garnering new rewarding experiences with a diverse local patient population.

Oludara Talabi, MD

Hi everyone! My name is Oludara; Many people call me by my middle name, Tomi. I was born in Chicago and raised in both the Chicago area and Nigeria. I completed my undergraduate degree at University of Illinois in Chicago and graduated medical school from St. George's University. After living in Nigeria, Chicago, and Nicaragua for a medical missionary trip, I developed an interest in serving under-served areas such as Humboldt Park. My medical interests are preventive medicine, women's health, and patient education. On my spare time I enjoy eating food from different cultures. I also enjoy cooking, exploring, and watching Netflix. I look forward to residency at Norwegian American Hospital. I get to help those that need it the most and be close to home at the same time!

Birva Trivedi, MD

Hey everyone! My name is Birva Trivedi. I was born in India, moved to a suburb outside of Chicago with my family when I was 7, and have called Chicago home ever since. I have dreamed of becoming a doctor since middle school, when I first realized that doctors are heroes. I attended Benedictine University for undergrad and majored in Biology with a minor in Psychology. I then traveled to Grenada, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and Georgia in pursuit of my medical degree from St. George’s University. I am especially interested in the intersection of social justice, education, and healthcare, and in preventative healthcare practices such as yoga, meditation, and pranayama. In my free time, I enjoy doing yoga, reading, painting, dancing, traveling, and exploring new cuisines. I am eager to train in family medicine at Norwegian American Hospital and excited to be back in Chicago.

Faculty & Administration

David Berdy, MD, CPE, Program Director

I am a graduate of the University of Toledo College of Medicine, and came to academic medicine in Chicago after eight years of private practice in Ohio. I am the founding Program Director of Norwegian American Hospital's residency program. My leadership style is authentic, balanced, and creative. Outside the realm of medicine, I enjoy playing recreational soccer, music, and traveling.

Marta Sciubisz, MD, Associate Program Director

I graduated from American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine and I completed my residency in Family Medicine. Prior to joining this residency program I was working in group practice. I’m passionate about preventive care and engaging patients in their own care and decision making. Outside of work I enjoy numerous outdoor activities including skiing, biking and hiking and many others. And when the weather is “too exciting” for my outdoor adventures, I’m happy to read a good book or go out to a movie theater.

Margot Ocampo, MD, Maternal Child Director

I have been working in the world of Family Practice with Obstetrics for over 20 years. I joined the team here at Norwegian American Hospital in January of 2019 after years in private practice. In my personal time, I enjoy volunteering at church, spending time with my children and enjoying some nice hikes when the weather allows!

Samir Shahen, MD, Faculty

I am born and raised in Chicago, therefore was excited to complete my family medicine residency at St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, in Chicago, serving as a Chief Resident in my last year of residency. I am board certified in Family Medicine and have been working as a member of the Hospitalist Program and a faculty member for the Family Medicine Residency teaching service. I’m an active member of the American Academy of Family Medicine (AAFP), American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM), and in the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM). I have a strong interest in working in an underserved community as well at teaching I enjoy watching Chicago sport teams, working on cars, traveling and playing recreational soccer.

Victor Chow, MD, Faculty

I’m a graduate of Norwegian’s own inaugural class of Family Medicine residents, having served as Chief in my final year prior to joining the faculty. I worked as an EMT prior to my matriculation into St. George’s University. Throughout my medical career, I’ve learned to adapt to the flow of continuous learning while delivering optimal care to patients; a principle that I hope to pass onto future providers. I am known to be a fervent fan of evidence-based medicine, gardening, traditional & mixed martial arts, and the proper use of the Oxford comma.

Jacob Smith, MD, Faculty

I received my medical education from Rush University in 2016. I completed the Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency in Humboldt Park. Prior to medical school, I completed two years of AmeriCorps service at PCC Salud Family Health Center. My hobbies include gardening, cooking, playing basketball, and spending time and traveling with my wife, daughter, and two cats.

Nadia Kalam, Manager

I'm Nadia! I've been working with residents for several years, and in Graduate Medical Education for the last five. My favorite part of the job is meeting and working with new & different people of all kinds of backgrounds every year, but mostly watching everyone grow throughout their three years with us. I'm happy to be a part of the family environment we have formed here amongst our team. In my spare time, I enjoy taking my new puppy Olivia to the park, spending time with family and friends, and following most Chicago team sports! I'm a die hard Chicago Cubs, Bears and Bulls fan!

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