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Maternity Services


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The Maternity Service Unit at Humboldt Park Health is devoted to providing personalized, comprehensive and quality care during the delivery of your baby. Our Labor and Delivery, Special Care Nursery and Mother/Baby units offer comfortable surroundings with the newest technology and equipment to provide you with family-centered care, which allows the expectant mother to have the best birthing experience possible. We encourage early maternal-child bonding and, thus, promote rooming-in of infant with mother. We offer a variety of services, including antepartum testing, childbirth education – prenatal classes, lactation counseling, and well-mother and baby educational classes. We are committed to providing our expectant mothers and our community with the highest level of services and care.

Adding to Your Family?

Our professional and experienced staff of medical experts are here to care for your every maternal and child health care need. From the start, whether you are considering having a child or are already expecting, you will receive a wide range of services and care to assist you in experiencing a healthy, stress-free pregnancy. Your obstetrician, nurse-midwife and the hospital staff are with you every step of the way. A full program of medical services such as a Special Care Nursery, midwife options, risk assessments and free childbirth preparation classes will ensure you have the most comfortable, safest pregnancy and labor possible.

When it is Time

Our leading Family Birthing Center is fully prepared to assist any pregnancy from “normal” to multiple to high-risk with an expert neonatal team and intensive care unit. When the time comes, expecting mothers can deliver and recover in a soothing home-like setting.

When Labor Begins

Your physician and our childbirth preparation classes will help you learn the signs to look for when you go into labor. Our highly trained doctors and nurses will be available to you whenever you need them to answer your questions. We can ensure you that every step along the way, we will provide the education and information to answer all the pregnancy and labor questions you may have.

Physician Coverage

Humboldt Park Health has specialists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of you and your baby. We also have a Special Care Nursery staffed with neonatologists and pediatric hospitalists to tend to your baby’s every need.

Mother and Child Time

Nurses are available to assist you, your baby and your family throughout your entire stay at Humboldt Park Health. Once your baby is born, you and your baby are able to stay together in our Mother/Baby Unit. You will receive one-on-one instructions from knowledgeable nurses and doctors on how to bathe, feed and care for your newborn. We want to make sure you are comfortable and confident, as a new mom, when you leave us!

The Humboldt Park Health Experience

Obstetrics is just one of the many Humboldt Park Health services and programs committed to our “Patients First” promise. Each year new moms celebrate the arrival of their children here at Humboldt Park Health. We are here to make your pregnancy one of the most exciting and joyous occasions in your life.

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