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Standard Hospital Charges

Humboldt Park Health is committed to helping patients understand the cost of their care by providing information about its our current standard charges. Attached are the lists of standard charges (also referred to as the Chargemaster), which are only estimates of our charges and do not represent the actual cost amount for which the insurance company a third-party payor and/or patient may be responsible. The charges may vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to, the patient’s medical condition, length of stay, unexpected conditions or complications, recommended treatments ordered by physicians, the coverage by patient’s health insurance (if applicable), etc.

The Chargemaster only includes the hospital charges and does not include charges that may be billed separately by a patient’s physician or other professional fees. In addition, commercial insurance payments are based on the terms of the contracts with the insurance company and may not reflect the standard charges listed on the Chargemaster. Also, Government insurances plans such as Medicare and Medicaid have their own set rates, which may not reflect the hospital’s standard charges.

For more information, please contact our patient access staff at 773-292-8369.

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