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Humboldt Park Health Remains Committed to Providing Access to Quality Health

Published: 03.09.2023

Chicago, IL, March 9, 2023 – Humboldt Park Health (HPH) is a community-based Safety Net Hospital that has served the Humboldt Park Community in the West Side of Chicago for more than 125 years. Over the past decade, we have committed ourselves to the work of advancing health equity and meeting the challenges of the social determinants of health that have plagued an underinvested and socioeconomically challenged community for far too long. Our diverse community includes 80% Latinx and Black/African American patients. We have engaged in the work of bringing to the forefront of our services equitable, inclusive, and qualitative patient-centered care with unwavering dedication from our faculty, residents, and staff, approaching all that we do through the lens of just culture.

Aunt Martha’s partnership with Humboldt Park Health was initiated in January 2021 and was a collaborative effort to serve the healthcare needs of the community. It also served as a training site where HPH residents and Board-certified faculty provided patient care. Aunt Martha’s clinic at HPH was entirely staffed by faculty and residents provided by Humboldt Park Health as part of a provider leasing agreement. The affiliation between Aunt Martha’s and Humboldt Park Health ended over legal matters that are being resolved. Humboldt Park Health’s Family Medicine Residency Training Program is a highly successful program boasting a diverse group of medical residents that are deeply committed to health equity and many of whom not only train but live in the community. The program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), and through its rigorous academic training program as well as other partnerships, Humboldt Park Health has received numerous recognitions for continuing service to our community and health equity.

During the temporary closing of Aunt Marth’s clinic, our foremost focus has been to ensure that there is no disruption whatsoever to access to care and quality and safety of patient care. To this end, our residents and faculty continue to serve patients as needed so that there is never a disruption to the patients we serve at Humboldt Park Health. At this time, we continue to collaborate with Aunt Martha’s staff to ensure their access to patient care areas.

Today, Humboldt Park Health’s longstanding commitment to our patients, their families, and the communities we serve on Chicago’s West Side remains our primary focus.  HPH is unwavering in its mission to provide convenient access, qualitative care, and excellent service for our patients with the utmost priority as we continue to serve as a pillar in the Humboldt Park community to advance health equity.

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