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About Dagoberto Camacho, M.D.

I have always considered myself a people's person, always willing to connect with others and build new relationships. I knew that this would come handy as a physician; I wanted to help others and have a positive impact in their lives. My grandfather also played a key role in my decision since we were very close and it was very painful to me watching his health deteriorate and being unable to help him at the time. I wanted to make sure that I was able to help others in a similar situation.

I am a true believer that compassionate and patient-centered care is the right formula to achieve meaningful change in people’s lives.

I am an experienced Family Medicine Physician who loves to take care of his patients in both the clinic and hospital setting. I lead by example and I am always willing to help others. I consider myself to work very well under pressure and to have excellent communication & interpersonal skills. Passionate about providing high quality of care and patient satisfaction. To continue growing my family medicine practice and advance my career as a leader in the medical field. Being able to represent my patients best interest is a privilege to me.

Only with Culture & knowledge is possible to build a better society.

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Male English, Spanish Ambulatory Services Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, Board Certified in Family Medicine

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