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I was very young when I got exposed to inequity. I saw the long line of patients in a charity hospital waiting for medical care when I visited my sisters in their University for nursing course. I felt sad for the people in the charity ward, they have to wait a very long time , while those with money never waited for the service. At that tender age I remember telling myself , I will become a doctor and help the poor. It is hard to break a promise to oneself , I still have that passion to help the poor through taking good care of them w/o regards to their incapacity to pay.

Respect is earned, and it is easy for us to earn it because of our title as a doctor. For patient it is easy for me to give them respect because it is a the privilege that they entrust themselves to my care. It takes courage for some to reveal their problems, not just physically but mentally. The psyche and the body are not separate , I have to deal with both to come up with a healing remedy, and it is Science.

I thought I had achieved my goals and objectives , retirement after a successful career in Medicine until this long pandemic /Covid 19 came , my desire to be back in the field was reignited, to help in any capacity I can. There are a lot of unknown in this COVID 19 infection, and I like to be part of the community of doctors that find solutions to the the enigma of the disease.

God must have put me back to work here in HPH to remind me, to be true to my promise to myself when I was young , to help the poor and marginalized , to somewhat sow equity to the best of my ability as a doctor in Medicine.

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Female English, Tagalog, Spanish Medicine Internal Medicine
UERMMMC, Board certified in Internal Medicine

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