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About Albert Saporta, M.D.

My interest in Medicine and Gastroenterology came in because of my interest in procedures and the academic aspect of gastroenterology. I am particularly interested in biliary disease, inflammatory bowel disease, peptic ulcer disease, and GERD. I have found that my love of languages and literature has helped me in honestly relating to patients and their families.

I always approach patients the way I would like to be approached and I treat them as if they were me or a family member. I believe patients need to have a thorough understanding of their illnesses to improve. My function/goal is to educate them. Patients and their families always come first in my practice.

After more than 35 years in practice, I have an even keel having seen everything before and, I react in a cool and calm manner. At this point, I truly enjoy challenges. I have had a long time commitment in teaching medical students, residents, and fellows which I enjoy and continue. These help keep me sharp.

My goal is to provide exceptional healthcare in a friendly and respectful manner. I have always enjoyed practicing gastroenterology and hope to continue doing so to face its challenges. I enjoy diagnostic challenges and have the procedures to further evaluate these including colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and therapeutic ERCP.
I have always believed that knowledge is power and that it must be shared.

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Male English, Spanish, French Medicine Gastroenterology
Rosalind Franklin Medical School, Gastroenterology Internal Medicine

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