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About Maria Osipova, M.D.

I always had a passion for science, but when I became a patient myself at age 20, I found a perfect way to combine that passion with a compassionate human interaction. Being a physician allows me to share my knowledge and expertise with my patients and provide the care that they need in a very personal and practical approach.

Every patient is unique. Although we study the ways diseases present and how they progress, as a Surgeon, I believe that each treatment should be tailored to the patient and their individual disease process. Providing care with empathy and partnering with the patient in their recovery process is my style of practice. This is how I believe medicine should be and how I would like to be treated as a patient.

I was trained as a general surgeon to be able to handle any situation. Subsequently, I completed an additional year in Trauma/Critical Care Fellowship, which took that definition to a new level. Patients' lives were often on the line when they needed my care. I learned not only to apply my technical surgical skills in their care, but also how to support the function of every organ system to allow the human body to heal and recovery after the injuries. Now that I have been in practice for 8 years, my interests have changed slightly as I observed more of my practice focusing on breast cancer care. In the first few years of my independent practice, I completed additional training in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. I make it a point to maintain the knowledge of the latest developments in breast cancer care by attending annual conferences and participating in multidisciplinary tumor board discussions. I bring this knowledge and experience to my patients every day and educate them about the care options they have, so that their care can be tailored to their unique disease process.

In medicine, my goals are to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to my patients and partner with their care team to assist them in returning to a healthy and happy life. My objective as a woman surgeon at Humboldt Park Health is to improve patient experience and satisfaction with breast care for both benign disease and cancer.

It is an honor to be part of Humboldt Park Health's care team to offer comprehensive care in Women's Health.

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Female English, Russian Surgery Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

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