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About Fadi Habib, M.D.

Since my early teenage years, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I was very good in Biology and Chemistry in school. I was curious to learn about the medications prescribed to my parents. My favorite TV show was Marcus Welby or other medical shows. This curiosity quickly became a passion and I worked hard to pass the entrance exam to the Medical School. Those days there was a civil war in my home country of Lebanon, but this did not prevent me from pursuing my dream, studying sometime on candlelight during the periods of power outage.

My philosophy has always been to treat my patients the same way I want to be treated if I get sick. Also to provide the most up to date and highest level of care. I thrive to stay at the forefront of any new medical innovations and to provide them to my patients as soon as they are available. I instruct my staff to always treat my patients with extreme courtesy and dignity. Patient's privacy and dignity is on top of the priorities in the office. The same for answering patient's calls after hours.

When I started practice I was already extremely trained in my specialty including 2 years of fellowships and research experience. I felt confident from day 1 in performing complex urological procedures. Throughout the years I developed a large practice that enabled me to gain strong experience in certain procedures that I like like Surgery on the prostate . My level of training and confidence enabled me to stay calm under pressure during difficult situations that may arise. One of my residents told me recently that she rarely saw a surgeon as calm as I am and she would like to be like me.

My goals were met already. Which were to obtain a medical degree, specialize in a field I love and serve patients the best way I can. My objectives are to continue to progress in my field and continue to provide excellent state of the art care. My love and passion for the field of urology are strong and motivate me to continue for many years to come.

It is a privilege for me to be able to help the community at Humboldt Park Health

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Male English, French, Arabic, Spanish Surgery Urology
St. Joseph University, French Faculty of Medicine, American Board of Urology

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